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Travel terms and conditions

Liability for travel implementation

Gotogate is an agent for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and events. We accept no liability for changes to timetables, cancelled flights, luggage or other incidents relating to the implementation of flights. Nor do we accept liability for problems relating to booked hotel accommodation or car rentals. The relevant provider bears liability for such incidents. Therefore, any claims relating to this must be submitted to the provider directly. We arrange travel services for leisure travelers.

The traveller is responsible for :

  • Reading and approving the terms and conditions of travel prior to purchase.
  • Checking that the spelling of the name of the traveller matches the spelling in the passport before making the purchase.
  • Contact Gotogate immediately if you do not receive a confirmation by e-mail within a few minutes of booking. As soon as you receive this confirmation by e-mail, you must check that the details are correct. Please notify Gotogate immediately if anything is unclear. Outside our regular opening hours, please contact the airline, hotel provider or car rental company directly to check whether any corrections would be possible.
  • Regularly check the e-mail address you gave us as all correspondence from us is sent by e-mail.
  • Regularly check flight times and any timetable changes for both your outbound and return flights.
  • Consult the relevant airline to check which airport terminal you will be departing from.
  • Check visa regulations, travel document and documents for the final destination and for any intermediate stops. This is done through the respective country's embassy and the airlines that execute the journey.
  • Check what vaccinations you will need before you travel.
  • Check passport rules and how long your passport will be valid for, as some countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after you return home.
  • Check current check-in times for the entire trip. We recommend that you check in at the airport at least 1.5 hours before departure (domestic flights) or 2.5 hours (international flights).

  1. Booking confirmation and travel documents
    1. Tickets
    2. The booking confirmation which Gotogate sends by e-mail to the traveller on completion of the booking is the travel document, and this must be carried on the entire trip. This confirmation contains all the important information such as the booking reference, flight number and flight times. We also recommend that the traveller should print a timetable by clicking on the link in the confirmation.

      Airline tickets must always be used in chronological order, and travellers must complete all legs of their journey. If the traveller does not complete any leg of the journey, the rest of the trip will be cancelled by the airline and no refund will be issued. This ruling is beyond the control of Gotogate.

      Tickets with separate booking numbers are always handled as individual trips independent of one another. Gotogate accepts no liability for missed connections or failure to issue refunds for separate tickets in the event of timetable changes, delays or cancelled flights.

    3. Flight times
    4. All flight times specified are local. Next-day arrivals are indicated with "+1" on the timetable. The stated flight times are preliminary and subject to change with short notice. The traveller must therefore stay in line with any updates of the flight schedule themselves.

    5. Hotels
    6. Gotogate arranges hotels in cooperation with IAN.COM. The traveller him/herself must notify the hotel of any flight timetable change which will result in late arrival at the hotel. Click here for full terms and conditions »

    7. Car rental
    8. Gotogate arranges car rentals in cooperation with rentalcars.com (since 11 July 2013). The traveller him/herself must notify the car rental company of any flight timetable change which will result in late arrival at the car rental company. Click here for full terms and conditions »

    9. Low cost carriers
    10. Two booking confirmations will be sent on email once the reservation has been confirmed, one is from us and one is from the airline. For check-in you are required to use the booking confirmation from the low cost carrier airline. Kindly observe that some airlines encourage check-in through their own website as they may charge a check-in fee when checking in manually at the airport.

      All contact and queries in connection to bookings marked with low cost carrier is to be carried our directly between the traveller and the airline. Gotogate act solely as an agent and cannot answer any queries regarding luggage nor change- or cancellation policies. Any changes to the flight schedule are handled by the airline only.

  2. Booking of flight tickets
    1. Price alterations/technical errors
    2. Gotogate reserves the right to make changes due to technical errors and price alterations beyond our control, and we reserve the right to contact the traveller within 24 hours on weekdays to make any amendments to bookings made. If technical problems occur close to or during weekends, we will contact the traveller on the next working day. Gotogate reserves the right to cancel the reservation in the event of technical problems and price errors beyond our control. The traveller will be notified by e-mail in this instance.

    3. Combination of single tickets (One-way combination)
    4. Journeys marked as "One-way combination" consist of two single journeys. Even if the stages are booked together, they are treated individually. This means that each stage of your journey is handled separately in the event of cancellations, alterations, traffic disruption such as strikes, and timetable changes. Each airline's own regulations will apply.

    5. Minimum age
    6. You must be aged 18 or over to make a booking with Gotogate.

    7. Children travelling alone
    8. Gotogate does not arrange tickets for children travelling alone. Children under 18 must be booked to travel with an adult. Some countries and airlines do not allow children under 18 to enter the country unless accompanied by a guardian.

    9. Infants
    10. Children between the age 0-2 will travel as infants and will not be allocated a seat of their own. A child ticket must be booked for the entire trip if the infant reaches the age of 2 before the end of the trip. Infant tickets cannot be booked before birth as the correct name and date of birth must match those stated in the passport. We do not book infants later. Gotogate will not reimburse any expenses arising if the wrong type of ticket has been booked from the outset.

      We cannot guarantee meeting requests for baby food, cribs or similar.

    11. Taxes
    12. The ticket price shown is inclusive of airport taxes. A departure tax must be paid in cash on departure from some airports. It is the responsibility of the traveller to check this information.

    13. Transport and hotel when an airport or date is amended
    14. Any ground transport and overnight accommodation during your trip are not included in the ticket price. The traveller is personally responsible for checking timetables and prices. This is also applicable in the event of any changes to the airlines' timetables, which are beyond the control and responsibility of Gotogate.

    15. Connection time on stopovers
    16. Trips booked via Gotogate have approved connection times. The times required for connections during stopovers are calculated by the airlines. If a flight segment is delayed in the event of a transit booking, the airlines are obliged to assist the traveller to reach the final destination.

      When separate tickets are booked, the airlines bear no responsibility for delays leading to missed connections. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the traveller to check that the connection time is sufficient according to the airlines and the airports. Gotogate will not reimburse any additional costs incurred on account of this.

    17. Double booking
    18. It is the responsibility of the traveller to ensure that any double bookings are cancelled irrespective of where they are made. Otherwise the traveller risks the airline cancelling the double booking with no prior notice. Gotogate accepts no liability for airline cancellations or failure to provide refunds in connection with this.

    19. Lost/damaged luggage
    20. Gotogate accepts no liability for lost or damaged luggage. Any problems must be reported immediately to the representative for the airline at the airport. Gotogate cannot be held responsible for luggage fees that’s not included in the fare.

    21. Loyalty cards
    22. You can add your loyalty card at the time of booking. This is to be registered in the same step as name of passenger and contact details are added. We register the details in the booking and accept no responsibility for point or bonus with the applicable airline. Not all flight tickers are eligible to points or bonus. Such information is always to be submitted by the airline upon request.

    23. Premium Economy, Business, First Class
    24. This service may only be purchased at the time of booking. Depending on the airline, the service may sometimes only be offered on certain sections of the journey.

      The on-board service available will differ between airlines. For specific information, please refer to each airline's own website. Gotogate cannot be held responsible if an airline changes the type of aircraft or overbooks a cabin class, which may then entail changes to the range of available services or a downgrade. Any complaints must therefore be made directly to the relevant airline.

  3. Implementation of flight
    1. Changing the timetable
    2. Airlines may alter their timetables and cancel flights at short notice. Such alterations are beyond the control of Gotogate. The traveller is personally responsible for checking the times of the departing and return flights directly via the airlines.

      Gotogate is not responsible for notifying travellers of timetable changes or cancelled flights. Nor are we responsible for any trips cancelled due to environmental disasters, acts of war, strikes or other unforeseen events. Any amendments provide no entitlement to price reductions, substitute trips, damages or other compensation from Gotogate. We do not reimburse any supplementary arrangements for the trip, such as rail tickets, hotel accommodation or car rental.

      If the change to the timetable results in late arrival at the hotel or car rental company, the traveller must contact the hotel or car rental company personally to let them know.

      More information on the rights of airline passengers can be found by clicking on the link below.
      For complete terms and conditions, click here »

    3. Passports, visas and transit visas
    4. The traveller is responsible for ensuring that his/her passport is valid at the time of booking. The traveller is also responsible for ensuring that he/she holds a visa for the final destination and any visas required for stopovers. The traveller is personally responsible for any costs arising due to problems with said formalities. It is important for the traveller to check that his/her passport, visas and transit visas meet the requirements of both the countries in question and the airlines. Gotogate recommends that travellers take passports with them whenever they travel.

      Special provisions relating to booking of return tickets are applicable for travel to certain countries. The traveller is responsible for checking this with the embassy of the country in question and any airlines involved.

      An approved entry permit (ESTA) and machine-readable passport are required for all travel to or via the USA.

      Your specific passport and visa requirements and other immigration requirements are your responsibility and you should confirm these with the relevant Embassies and/or Consulates. Neither the suppliers with which your contract nor we accept any responsibility if you cannot travel because you have not complied with any passport, visa or immigration requirements. Please note that all names on any booking must be exactly as set out on your passports. It is your responsibility to have valid travel documents.

    5. Vaccinations
    6. The traveller is responsible for ensuring that he/she has had full vaccinations and that other necessary formalities required for travel to the country which the traveller plans to visit have been completed. Any costs in connection with the above will be met by the traveller.

  4. Cancellation and rebooking
    1. Cancellation
    2. Your tickets will be issued immediately upon receipt of payment and cannot subsequently be refunded or amended. Gotogate operates in compliance with the airlines' booking rules, which are normally very restrictive; in other words, refunds and rebooking are not allowed. Refunds on bookings may be made if the traveller has taken out Gotogate Cancellation protection at the time of booking and meets its terms. Find out more in the section entitled Cancellation protection.

    3. Rebooking
    4. Gotogate operates in compliance with airline ticket regulations which are usually very restrictive. For exact conditions, the traveller should contact our customer service or the airline in question directly. In cases where the airlines permit rebooking, this may only be done at least 24 hours prior to departure. If Gotogate is to assist the traveller with a rebooking, he must have taken out our service package. When rebooking, the traveller is liable for costs arising from rebooking. Please note that your rebooking is not valid until you have received written confirmation from Gotogate.

      For Gotogate flexible tickets, the client is requested to contact our customer support for rebooking. See item "Gotogate flexible tickets"for full terms and conditions.

    5. Gotogate flexible tickets
    6. The traveller must have subscribed to and paid for this customer service at the same time as booking the trip. The service cannot be added afterwards. Flexible ticket is Gotogate's own service and does not necessarily mean that air tickets can be rescheduled with the airlines. All rebooking through our flexible ticket service must therefore be via our customer service. The service is personal and non-transferable.

      When rebooking, the traveller must contact Gotogate customer service by telephone (Sunday-Friday) or email (Monday-Friday). With the latter option, the traveller must use the specific form for the rebooking service, which is found on our website under "Contact Us - Gotogate flexible tickets". You can find our phone number under “Contact Us – Phone”. The rebooking must be made during our business hours and at least 24 hours before the original time of departure. On Sundays, the rebooking can only be made over telephone (not by email). When rebooking, the journey must be completed within one year of the original booking.

      No rebooking is completed until Gotogate has confirmed it via email. Gotogate is not responsible for missed rebookings if they are due to the traveller's failure to contact our customer services.

      The flexible ticket service allows rebooking of flights, subject to availability. If the amendment involves an upgrade to more expensive tickets, this shall be at the traveller's own expense. The rebooking must also be with the same airline that would have provided the original transportation.

      • Travellers may not change the destination, either for the outward or return journey.
      • The flexible ticket service does not permit name changes or name corrections.
      • The flights must be used in the order they were originally booked.
      • Upgrades to different cabin or booking class on the same flight are not permitted.
      • Rebooking a ticket for a so-called stop-over is not permitted.
      • Travellers can only rebook the trip once. Once the change is confirmed, the rebooking service has been used and may not be used again.
      • The flexible ticket service will not be refunded if the trip is cancelled.
      • If the change means that some of the travellers are no longer entitled to the special rates (e.g. infants) the traveller must pay the difference for the new ticket.
      • Gotogate is not responsible for information about visas if the trip is extended.
      • When rebooking, the journey must be completed within one year from the time of booking.
      • The new trip may not commence within 24 hours from the time of change request.
      • When rebooking, Gotogate takes no responsibility for any supplementary services such as luggage and seat reservations that have been booked directly with the airline.
      • The booking is non-refundable once the flexible ticket service has been used.
      • If a passenger fails to appear for any section of the journey, the rebooking option is no longer valid.

    7. Refunds
    8. The handling period varies from 4 to 16 weeks in the event of any refunds. All refunds are made by the provider and Gotogate is unable to influence these handling periods. A handling charge of 61 EUR per ticket will be charged when refunds are made. Gotogate will not refund the charge for cancellation protection or previously paid fees, charges and any insurance policies (apart from travel insurance).

      If the flight is cancelled by the airline due to unforeseen events (force majeure) or schedule changes a handling fee of 15 EUR per person will be debited.

    9. Non-Appearance or Non-Attendance of the Flight
    10. You hereby authorize us to cancel the non-used flight on your behalf in case of non-appearance or non-attendance of the flight and to request possible refunds from the airline on your behalf. We are entitled but not obligated to do so and your right to request refunds directly from the airline remains unaffected.

    11. Cancellation protection
    12. Cancellation protection must be taken out and paid for at the time of booking the trip. This cover comes into force when the booking is made and ceases to be valid when the trip commences, calculated from the original departure date booked. All travellers in the booking must have taken out cancellation protection for this to be invoked upon cancellation of a booking.


      Cancellation must take place at least two hours before departure for the cancellation protection to be valid. The cancellation protection will cease to be valid once the trip has commenced. Airlines and hotel or car rental providers must be contacted directly for cancellations outside our telephone answering hours.

      When a trip is cancelled upon presentation of a valid medical certificate, the entire cost of the booking will be refunded except for our handling charge of 45 EUR per person. We will not refund the charge for cancellation protection or previously paid fees, charges and any insurance policies (apart from travel insurance). The maximum amount payable in the event of cancellation against cancellation protection is 2500 EUR per person and/or 5,000 EUR per trip.

      Reimbursable incidents

      Funds will be reimbursed if the traveller is unable to take a planned trip due to the following unforeseen incidents.

      • Acute illness or accident affecting you, your travelling companion on the same booking or a close relative, and you are advised not to take the planned trip according to a certificate from an impartial doctor who is providing treatment.
      • Death affecting you, a close relative or travelling companion on the same booking.

      Cancellation protection does not include:

      • remuneration which may be received from elsewhere, such as other cancellation protection or insurance.
      • illness, accident or injury of which you were aware (with which you were diagnosed) when concluding the cancellation protection .
      • chronic illnesses/infections/mental disorders, unless the person has been completely free of symptoms/problems over the past six months, from the time of booking the trip. If the cancellation relates to these symptoms, the diagnosis must be confirmed by a specialist.
      • illness, accident or other repercussions due to pregnancy or childbirth.
      • complications caused by alcohol, other intoxicants, sedatives or narcotics.
      • costs arising due to the fact that the insured party delayed his/her cancellation of the travel arrangement.
      • the purpose of the trip no longer existing.
      • complications resulting from personally selected procedures and treatments, such as beauty operations.
      • any supplementary arrangements for the trip which are not included in the confirmation, such as theatre tickets and suchlike.
      • flying phobia / fear of flying

      What do we require from you?

      The cancellation protection only applies together with a valid medical certificate. This must be received by us within five working days of cancellation. The medical certificate must be completed by an impartial doctor who is providing treatment, and bear the name, contact details and stamp of the doctor. A copy of the doctor's identification must be enclosed if no stamp is available.

      The following information must also be included in the medical certificate.

      • date of examination
      • results of examination
      • diagnosis
      • other original certificates/documentation which may be of significance in assessing the claim
      • the fact that the illness is acute and will prevent the patient travelling

      The medical certificate can be downloaded here »

      Explanation of "close relative"
      "Close relative" in this context means the insured party's husband, wife, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, grandparents or parents-in-law, or a person that the insured party lives with as a couple as if they were married.

  5. Payment

    1. Pricing
    2. The booking is binding once the payment has been made and it cannot be amended or cancelled. These rules are set by the airlines, not by Gotogate. When Gotogate has received the payment, we will send a booking confirmation to the e-mail address specified by the traveller at the time of booking. This booking confirmation is the traveller's ticket/voucher and must be carried on the entire trip. The customer approves electronic transfer of the invoice.

      All payments are administered by SRG Finland Oy (19254537).

    3. Payment fraud
    4. Gotogate reserves the right to refuse card payment if there is reason to suspect that fraud is being committed. Legitimisation of the payment may be demanded if a crime is suspected. All types of card fraud will be reported to the police and sent to a debt collection company.

    5. Debit/credit cards (MasterCard, Eurocard and Visa)
    6. It is not possible to make payments with Diners Club. We are unable to accept foreign cards in some instances. Debits may take place in two steps when payments are made by card; one debit from the airline and one by Gotogate/Travelpartner.

    7. Instant bank payments
    8. Stated prices in the search result require instant bank payments.

  6. Extra services
    1. Service package
    2. The service package is a service which we offer to our customers. The traveller purchases this service at the time of booking. It is also possible to subsequently take out the service package at any time before departure on payment of a fee of 35 EUR per booking.

      The service package includes the following:

      • finding the best possible alternatives if the airline changes its schedule (according to guidelines provided by the airlines).
      • prebooking seats with the airline on the flights where possible (exceptions: seats beside emergency exits, extra leg room seats, and flights within Europe).
      • helping you to make a request for a bassinet (cradle) for an infant (often not possible on flights within Europe).
      • booking special luggage (such as golf bags or skis).
      • booking a special diet when food is included (not normally included on flights within Europe).
      • checking options and costs for rebooking your trip (note that a rebooking cost will be charged according to the rules of the airlines as stated on your ticket).
      • registering your bonus card with the airline.

      Additional fees may apply. The service package is not refunded in the event of cancellation or if requests cannot be confirmed.

      If your departure date is within three days, we request that you contact us by phone or email to submit your requests. Note that it is often impossible to confirm requests if they are submitted within 72 hours of departure.

      Passengers with severe food allergies must notify the airline of this directly.

    3. Travel insurance
    4. Gotogate mediates the travel insurance in cooperation with Solid. All contact regarding the insurance is referred to Solid.

    5. Baggage insurance
    6. Gotogate mediates the baggage insurance in cooperation with Solid. All contact regarding the insurance is referred to Solid.

    7. Payment for supplementary service
    8. The customer has two options with regard to payment for supplementary products. Payment details can be submitted to customer support either over the telephone or via an order link which we will provide as agreed.

      Gotogate will not accept single-use cards as payment may take place in two steps. The customer is responsible for ensuring that payment can take place at the time of purchase. Gotogate reserves the right to come back in the event of any price corrections or technical errors.

      The service is binding once the payment has been made and it cannot be amended or cancelled.

    9. Seating
    10. This service can only be bought at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee that the requested seat can be confirmed by the airline. We cannot reserve seats on a specific row, extra leg space or by the emergency exit. The airline reserves the right to change the seats without notifying Gotogate or the traveller.

      Seats can normally not be reserved on flights connecting to intercontinental flights (for example domestic flights or flights within Europe).

      The seating chart displayed at the time of booking is an example only and does not have to conform to the actual configuration of the air craft.

  7. Hotel
    1. Hotels
    2. Gotogate arranges hotels in cooperation with IAN.COM. The traveller him/herself must notify the hotel of any flight timetable change which will result in late arrival at the hotel.
      Click here for full terms and conditions »

    3. Hotels
    4. The information given on Gotogate’s website is provided by the hotel supplier. Pictures presented on the website do not necessarily have to conform to the actual reserved accommodation. Gotogate accept no liability in regards to any errors in pictures or text as well as changes in information provided by the supplier. We recommend the traveller to always form their own opinion of the hotel’s standard.

      Star ratings are used as an overall assessment of hotel services and facilities. Note that this is an international assessment that may differ from the generally known national standard.

  8. Complaints
    1. Claims
    2. Any problems or remarks during your trip must be passed on directly to the provider (airline, car rental company, hotel). If you receive a payment or compensation directly from the provider, your right to compensation in retrospect will normally cease. Any complaints for which no payment/compensation is paid by the provider during your trip will be submitted directly to Gotogate for investigation. Complaints are handled solely in writing and are submitted via a designated complaint form within one month of the end of your trip. It takes about three months to handle a complaint.
      Download our complaint form here »

      Please send any complaints to:
      FAO: Reklamation [Complaints]
      Box 1340
      SE-751 43 Uppsala, Sweden

    3. Liability of the airline
    4. Informative appendix regarding liability of the airline can be found here >>

    5. Resolution of disputes
    6. The EU Commission offers an entry for consumers and businesses concerning the resolution of disputes arising from cross-border E-commerce. The service is available at https://ec.europa.eu/odr

  9. Other information
    1. Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL)
    2. Gotogate applies the Swedish Personal Data Act (1998:204). By purchasing a service/product from us or registering your details with us, you consent to us processing these details for specified purposes.

      Personal data refers to all information relating to a person which has been stored in some form. This includes e.g. your name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, invoice and account information and other information which you submit relating to yourself and your family when you create a profile or register with us.

      The details you submit to Gotogate on the website will be used for administration and to allow us to maintain a high level of service to our customers. These details will be used to allow us to supply the service you ordered, provide you with the products you requested and send out offers on your own and similar products linked with your trip. This information will also be used for statistical purposes and to improve website content, and for updating our databases.

      Personal data relating to account information when paying for our products/services will be processed only in order to complete your purchase and will only be submitted to a third party if so required in order to implement and administer your payment and take payment for your booking.

      Gotogate is part of a group for which European Travel Interactive is the parent company. Gotogate reserves the right to freely process and transfer the details within the group. Gotogate reserves the right to freely transfer the details to a third party in the event of the sale or purchase of a company or assets, or if European Travel Interactive, another company within the group or assets within the group are acquired by a third party and the personal data will be one of the transferred assets. Third parties which may receive the data will preferably be organisations which offer similar products and services to Gotogate.

      The data may be shared with our partners and other participants operating on behalf of Gotogate, e.g. subcontractors with a view to fulfilling contracts between users and Gotogate.

      We may also submit the data to a third party with a view to meeting a legal obligation or if so required by law or court decisions.

      Personal data which you have submitted to us on the website and which is not attributable to you personally, such as information on family members and friends prior to booking services or membership of the “My pages” service will only be stored for your own private purposes. This means that Gotogate will not use this data to get in touch with relevant people or otherwise avail itself of the information.

      You personally are responsible for ensuring that the data is updated on the website or by contacting Gotogate. If you wish to update or correct data submitted, or if you have any questions or views relating to our services, the information we collect or your rights, you are welcome to contact us.

      If you do not wish to receive further offers relating to your trip, click unsubscribe at the end of the email. If you should experience any problems to unsubscribe, please send an email to crm@etraveli.com

    3. Blacklisted airlines
    4. Some airlines have been prohibited from operating in the EU.
      Find out more about these airlines here »